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The following are just a few examples of the many heart-felt comments or thank you cards to Dr. Su from our patients:

"I wish I were referred to you before I had seen more than dozen medical specialists and dentists alike. I had suffered from dry and burning mouth for more than 10 years but I was told that there is nothing wrong with me. It was so frustrating and miserable to have lived a life with constant pain in the mouth. I am so thankful that my last dentist referred me to you and you have given my life back!" - M S

"I am so grateful that my gums are no longer red and bleeding. I can brush and eat without any irritation now. I wish I had been referred to you five years ago to have avoided several unnecessary periodontal surgeries and other expensive dental procedures. Now I know that my gum problems are due to lichen planus, and I should not have had any periodontal surgeries." - J K

"Before I found Dr. Su, I lived with excruciating TMJ pain every day for more than a year. I had seen a wide variety of specialists (including many experienced and well-educated oral surgeons and pain management specialists); none of them had been able to help. After my first meeting with Dr. Su, I knew that I had finally found a medical professional who cared enough to listen to my account of the pain I was experiencing, and who had the training and experience to find a way to alleviate that pain. Dr. Su was the first person who was able to diagnose the precise nature of my problem, and she was the first person who was able to prescribe treatments that actually left me pain-free.
TMJ disorder is a chronic condition, and treating it is a long-term process. I know it can't be cured overnight-and so I'm glad to have found a medical professional whom I trust to work with me to address my condition over the long term. I regularly fly across the country exclusively to visit Dr. Su for follow-up treatments; for her part, Dr. Su has always been extremely gracious in scheduling appointments for my conveniences, and she has always made herself available over phone. I always leave her office feeling better, and I always know that I can go back to her for real help at any time."
- M L

"I am thrilled that my mouth is not hurting any more after you treated me. I am enjoying eating again after so many years of mouth problems. My new problem is eating too much now, but I do not miss those days in the past 15 years when I could not put any flavorful food in my mouth." - R F

"I am so grateful that my dentist knows about your specialty and referred me to you right away after he suspected me for a possible autoimmune disease on my gums. My condition on the gums has been treated early enough that I did not have any other complications. I have heard sad stories afterwards from my friends and sister with similar conditions I had. They went through many years struggle trying to get a right specialty to treat those rare conditions on gums and mouth." - M D

"I wish I had come to see you three years ago when I first heard about a specialty of "oral pathology". I had constant pain on my right jaw after a new crown was made, but my dentist could not find any thing wrong with the crown. With desperation, I went to a prosthodontist who made several new crowns including the one that caused the pain initially. However, I still suffered from the pain. Now I understand that all my pain is not dental related, and I could have saved thousand dollars had I followed the recommendation to see you three years ago." - C G

"I had that excruciating pain on the right jaw 4 years ago, and I was referred back and forth between dentists and neurologists. I had root canal treatments, crowns, and eventually six teeth were pulled on my upper right jaw. I also took a lot of medications prescribed by neurologists, but my pain was still there. Now, my pain has significantly reduced after several treatments from you. I wish I could have come to your office earlier and all my pulled teeth could have been saved." - M A

"Dr. Su has been a blessing for me. I am a stage 4 cancer survivor who has had many re-constructive surgeries and I came to Dr. Su with mouth pain that no other doctor or dentist could treat. She did a complete oral exam with microscopic evaluation, then prescribed medications and rinses that took care of it. Dr. Su is thorough while being gentle and caring. I have been her patient for several years now and will continue to see her while living in another state. I recommend her to everyone who needs a specialist and to other doctors and dentists, because I trust her and feel comfortable that if something does occur she will be there for me, and all her patients. She is the best!" - L K

"I know Dr. Su is always very busy in her practice, but she gave me full attention to my needs and concerns every time I visited her office, and she made me feel so special..." - B T

"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent medical care you have provided me for the past. I have appreciated both your professionalism and your straightforward communication. They are rare qualities in medicine today." - M S

"Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation I have for you for your sincere and genuine care and concern for my health and wellbeing. You are a very special lady and exceptional doctor. I have been truly blessed to have met you and so glad that I did. Sincere thanks again and a great big hug for you." - I K

"I cannot thank you enough for how much better I feel now in my mouth since my last office visit. I am happy that I stayed on the course of treatment in the past few months you recommended and my mouth has finally turned around. I am a different person now." -R F

"Dr. Lan Su is the Conejo Valley's best kept secret! Until now! I would like everyone else to know what she has done for our family. My son had struggled for a year and a half with severe jaw pain. We had been to a multitude of specialists who were not able to help us. It is hard to understand what unrelenting pain can do if you have never experienced it. My son was unable to sleep and had constant pain. Since he is in law school on the east coast this had really begun to take its toll on him. Out of desperation when he was home on Christmas vacation, I called a dentist who advertised that he managed TMJ. Like many previous phone calls, I was told that he no longer managed TMJ. But his office did refer me to Dr. Su.
Dr. Su came in to her office on very short notice on her day off the day before Christmas Eve to see my son. Suddenly there seemed to be light at the end of a very long tunnel. She expertly diagnosed and managed his problem. Something that other dentists, physicians, physiatrists, physical therapists, and accupunturists had not been able to do! After ordering the necessary tests and expertly providing treatments, including a dental appliance, my son is pain free! It has been a long road to get him to where he is today but we could not have done it without Dr. Su. She has gone out of her way to accommodate my son's schedule for appointments. We are so blessed to have found her! As a parent, there is nothing worse than watching your child suffer and feeling like there is nothing that can be done to help. We are so thankful for Dr. Su for helping us end our son's suffering! After Dr. Su's treatment, we were able to hear a sound we hadn't heard in a long time: our son's laughter."
- P.L and S. L

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