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Dear Referring Doctors:

The practice in Oral Pathology, Clinical Oral Pathology (Oral Medicine), and Orofacial Pain are traditionally only available in dental schools with three separate divisions. Dr. Su has had the training and expertise to integrate all these three separate divisions (Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine, and Orofacial Pain) into one private practice. This unique and highly specialized practice is available now in our local communities to serve clinicians and your patients with special needs.

The following services are provided for the healthcare professionals in both dental and medical fields:

Clinical Consultation Services in oral pathology, oral medicine (click for info) and orofacial pain (click for info), are based on two locations in the cities of Westlake Village and Orange. The clinical services in these locations have been very well received by our communities in the past decade. Laboratory Services in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology (click for info) offer rapid delivery of high quality reports within 24 hours of specimen receipt. We routinely fax and then mail you a copy of your biopsy reports. Some of you may have benefited from our clinical care for your patients. We believe you also will benefit from our lab services, a unique perspective that we bring into a diagnosis both clinically and histopathologically. FAQs

Q) How much does a biopsy cost? What can we quote our patients?

Q) Do you accept insurance?

Q) What do I tell my patient about your service (Patient Information)?

Q) How do I order biopsy kits?

Q) When will I get the results?

Q) How do I send the biopsy?

Q) How do I send X-rays or clinical images for the biopsy or for consultation?

Q) Do you offer Direct Immunofluorescence (DIF) studies?

Primary office: 31332 Via Colinas, Suite 109, Westlake Village, CA 91362     Tel 818 865 1039
Satellite office: 1310 West Stewart Drive, Suite 202, Orange, CA 92869     Tel 714 856 3349
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